5 Motivational Quotes from Musicals

Enjoy the best quotes from some of the best musicals we’ve ever seen.

“You Can Either Run From Your Past Or Run From It” (The Lion King)

This quote by Rafiki on The Lion King almost explains the entire musical. This much-loved movie is about a young lion king who runs away from his kingdom after believing that he killed his father. His uncle (who actually planned the King’s death) takes over with devastating effects to the Kingdom.

The other lions believe that Simba is dead following the death of his father. Flowever, Simba is thriving in an oasis far away from his kingdom. Rafiki offers him the above quote while trying to convince him to go back and reclaim his kingdom. Thankfully, the quote works and Simba returns back to fight for his kingdom. Fie learns from his past rather than running from it.

“Everything’s Going To Be Fine Because We Are Together”. (Beauty And The Beast)

There is no better musical in the world that can explain the power of love. The movie features a man turned into a beast due by a sorcerer thanks to his arrogance and pride. His actions also condemn the people who worked in his palace. His workers are turned into tools that you would find in a typical house.

The sorcerer gives the beast a way out of the curse. She offers him an enchanted rose flower. When all the petals on the flower fall, the beast curse will become permanent. The only way the curse can be broken is if the beat finds true love. The journey to true love is not easy for the beast. But he finds his beauty in Belle. Belle says this quote to signify their love together.

“It’s What Is Inside That Counts”. (Aladdin)

This quote from the musical Aladdin teaches us not to focus on outside appearance but rather on the inside of people. Aladdin is another story of love that brings together a street boy and a princess. Traditionally this is not a union that is supposed to happen.

Flowever, the princess does not care about the outside appearance of her love but rather what is inside him. This quote can also be used in part to signify the genie in the kettle.

“A true hero is measured by the Size Of His Heart”. (Hercules)

This quote from the movie Hercules also aims to look at the inside of a person rather than the physical appearance. The movie is about the son of the Greek God Zeus. His name is Hercules and he lives among mortal men as half god and half man.

His biggest attribute is his strength. However, he learns that his physical strength is not his greatest asset. His greatest asset is the size of his heart. Once he realizes this, he is able to conquer his greatest fears.

“Your Words Are Likes Poems To Me”. (A Star Is Born)

This musical is about two singing lovebirds that are at different points in their careers. On is about to become a global sensation. I even wrote coursework on this and made a citation using Oscola reference generator. The other is struggling with drugs and alcohol addiction and his career is on the decline.

Their relationship goes through trial after trial. However, through the power of love, they refuse to let go of each other. The above quote is just one of the many beautiful words they say to each other to signify their love. The quotes above easily